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The TwinS puBlications: Susan's & Bill's Family History Services

BS Stud Book

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The BS Stud Book

Loose leaf pages that can be easily adapted to your rabbit and guinea pig records.  Created by Susan Batho and Bill Hupe.

In Australia: $7 in person; $10 via post for either Rabbit or Cavy version. 

Includes page templates for:

     1. Each rabbit or guinea pig: 3 pages including details on the animal, veterinary visits, injections, breedings, and shows. Also, a cover page to include a photograph.

     2. Breeding tables

     3. Pedigree chart

     4. Show results page for individual shows + photograph page

     5. Medication and injection charts

     6. Veterinarian chart

     7. Boarding chart (for small animal orders who also do boarding)

BS Stud Books are currently available only in paper format; will be available on CD-Rom in the future.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? Enquire about providing us with your data. Pay via postal money order to 6 Bellevue Road, Faulconbridge NSW 2776; bank account transfer, or Paypal for additional fee. Email us with questions or Paypal details at Outside Australia? Please email us for other than Australia edition.

Below are some samples of the pages that make up the BS Stud Book. The Cavy pages are similiar to the Rabbt pages in most cases. Your pages come as coomplete blanks so that you can write in your Stud Name, and then photocopy as many copies as you require to put together your own stud book.

Rabbit Cover Page

Rabbit Data Page 1

Rabbit Breeding Page

Individual Rabbit Show Page

Rabbit Show Results

Rabbit Injection Sheet

Cavy Cover Sheet

Cavy Data Sheet

Individual Cavy Breeding Sheet

Individual Cavy Show Sheet

Cavy Show Sheet

If you wish to make a purchase, or have any questions, you can contact Susan and Bill by clicking here. We accept money orders and Paypal, as well as bank transfers.


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