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Bill & Susan's Family History Services

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This page is your gateway to our different interests and skills.

Bill & Susan's Family History Service: Let us do the work for you.

SCRAPBOOKING - always wanted to record your favourite people and happening, or your family history, but have never found the time to do so?  We have the time, the expertise, and the enthusiasm to do it for you. 

FAMILY DVDs – Do you have stacks of home videos on vhs, beta, from camcorders, super 8, etc. that are slowly decaying over time?  Why not consider putting it onto a professional-looking DVD for everyone to be able to enjoy as well as preserve your memories.  All DVDs are indexed so you can move to your favourite parts; we can set selected scenes to your favourite pieces of music, or even music videos! Photo and slide and negaive imags can even be added to your DVD.  And, we can provide additional copies for as little as $1 each for all your family members to share.

Do you have loads of photos, slides, and negatives around and no place to store them, let alone share with friends and family?  We can transfer these materials to digital media for you for use in any computer, or even add them to your Family History DVD for use in stand-alone players.

FAMILY HISTORY RESEARCH - with ten years of experience, we can trace your family in Australia until they arrived.  Will copy provide documentation from State Archives, NSW, and BDM.  Put together as a research file; produce a book; or just a family tree for you.

PHOTOGRAPHY - we are currently illustrating & writing books on Ketchikan and SE Alaska.  

GHOST WRITING - We can write that family story for you.  With 30 years of writing experience and numerous awards for writing and editing.  We can write a manuscript about something that you can be proud of: Your family.

Here is an example of our scrapbooking work.  Please click on the link to see more examples.

Blank CDs: 20% off
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