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Do you have old videocassettes, Super 8, 16mm family films tucked away in boxes?  Do you have old photographs, negatives, and slides?

Would you like them to be preserved for a lifetime on DVD or CD?

We can convert them to digital media for you!

We have the capability to transfer VHS (Pal or NTSC), Beta (NTSC only), Super 8, 16mm, and various camcorder formats to dvd for you and preserve your memories for many years. Dust, age, and sitting in boxes allow videotape and celluloid to slowly break down, degrade, or simply rot with time. By converting your treasured memories to DVD, you can halt the loss of quality of the film. We cannot restore your films, but we can save them at the current quality. All DVDs come with menus and can be chapter indexed if you wish. We can even add photos to the dvd, if you wish. If you can provide us with a favourite public-domain song, we can even create a music video for you! All DVDs come labelled and in clamshell cases and outer sleeves. If you wish an inside booklet -- just ask: we'll be happy to work something up with you. We can provide multiple copies of your master disk for a small additional fee. Please email us with the type of media you wish converted and the approximate time-length of tape you have and we can give you a quote for our services. PLEASE NOTE: WILL WE ONLY CONVERT HOME MOVIES AND SELF-FILMED FAMILY EVENTS. WE WILL NOT CONVERT COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. IF IN DOUBT -- ASK.

We can convert slides, photographs, and photographic negatives to CD-Rom or DVD-Rom for you, as well as provide photoprints, if you wish.

Contact us with the media and quantity you wished converted for a quote.

If you wish to make a purchase, or have any questions, you can contact Susan and Bill by clicking here. We accept money orders and Paypal, as well as bank transfers.


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