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This page contains photos taken by Susan Batho & Bill Hupe; click on a specific photo to see more photos from the same area or of the same theme.

Pricing: US$4.00/AU$5.00 per photo print A4 size (enquire about other sizes); same pricing per 2 A4 greeting cards or 4 half size greeting cards.  Cards and prints do not carry "Sample" tag.

US$1/AU$1.25 for a full quality digital print sent via email.  Print does not carry "Sample" tag.

US$50/AU$62.50 for printing rights (photograph will be sent without sample and copyright tags; contact us for further details.

Click here if you have questions or wish to make a purchase. We accept Paypal and money orders, as well as bank transfer.

Ketchikan - Revillagigedo Island Photographs
Click the picture above for additional photos of this area

Blue Mountains Photographs
Click the picture above for additional photos of this area

A Drive to Adelaide

Canberra Photographs

Crossing the Seward Highway/Freeway, Anchorage
These shoppesr were seen leaving the mall area, crossing with the signal at 36th Street

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Photograph
A chance meeting of minds in the yard

Little Hartley, NSW area
Click on the picture above for more photos from this area

Orange - Cowra Area NSW Photographs
Click the picture above for additional photos of this area.

Australian flora
Grevillia combs

If you wish to make a purchase, or have any questions, you can contact Susan and Bill by clicking here. We accept money orders and Paypal, as well as bank transfers.


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