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Unpacking the new house in Alaska we've both realised how many thousands of books we're storing at both of our homes that will never be read again.  And we need the space.  The house in Alaska is 1/3 the size of the Ohio home (but it does have a second-to-none view of the ocean, mountains, a resident nesting bald eagle and a bear!).

Check this list often (or email us to be notified when books are added)

These books are both in Australia and Alaska.  How you tell which is where?  Column 1 -- books are in Alaska; Column 2 -- books are in Australia.  Unless you request otherwise, we will use the least expensive method possible to ship the books, and we are big fans of flat rate packaging.

All books are in 'like new' condition unless otherwise specified (normal aging of paper is not noted)

TV/Movie novelisations/adaptations
$3 each

     1 Earth Hive
     2 Nightmare Asylum
     3 The Female War
     6 Rogue
     7 Labyrinth
Aliens vs Predator: Prey
Amazing Stories
     Volume 1
     Volume 2
Bergerac: And the Jersey Rose
Between the Lines
     2 Breaking Point
Blade Runner 2: The Edge Of Being Human
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
     1 Arrival (some pages bent)
     Inner Planets 1: First Power Play
     Inner Planets 2: Prime Squared
     Inner Planets 3: Matrix Cubed
     Martian Wars 1: Rebellion 2456
     Martian Wars 2: Hammer Of Mars
     Martian Wars 3: Armageddon of Vesta
Dances with Wolves
Dark Star
Dr. Who Monster Book
Due South
     Death In the Wilderness
     Invitation To Romance
Earth 2: Puzzle
Elfquest: The Quest Begins
Fantastic Voyage (fairly worn)
Highlander: (all 8 for $22)
     1 The Element Of Fire
     2 Scimitar
     3 Scotland the Brave
     4 Measure Of a Man
     5 The Path
     6 Zealot
     7 Shadow Of Obsession
     8 The Captive Soul
Independence Day
Lovejoy: The Great California Game
     1 Genesis
     2 Battle Cry
     3 Homecoming
     4 Battlehymn
     5 Force Of Arms (corner of cover bent)
     6 Doomsday
     12 Symphony Of Light
Russia House
Space Precinct (set for $7.50)
     1 Deity Father
     2 Alien Island
     3 Demon Wing
     2 Rebellion
     3 Retaliation
Total Recall
Twilight Zone
     Journeys to...
     The Movie
     Tales from the New... (by J Michael Straczynski)
V (all 15 V books for $40)
     1 V
     2 East Coast Crisis
     3 The Pursuit Of Diana
     4 The Chicago Conversion
     5 The Florida Project
     6 Prisoners and Pawns
     7 Alien Swordmaster
     8 The Crivit Experiment
     9 The New England Reistence
     10 Death Tide
   V Tor Books
     1 Path To Conquest
     2 To Conquer the Throne
     3 Oregon Invasion
     4 Symphony Of Terror
     5 Below the Threshold
Westworld (bent pages)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

$6 each
Robotech: Sentinels
     1 The Devil's Hand
     2 Dark Powers (cover damaged + some mold in lower right corner)
     3 Death Dance (same condition as above)
     4 World Killers

$8 each: Hardcovers
     ...and the Fatal Weakness
     ...and the Moving Fever
     ...and the Traitor's Child
Little Orphan Vampires (softcover with jacket)
Who P-p-plugged Roger Rabbit

$1 each covers water damaged
Space 1999 season 1
     8 Android Planet
     9 Rogue Planet
     10 Phoenix Of Megaron

$19 each
Space 1999: Season 2
     1 Planets Of Peril
     2 The Mind-Breaks Of Space
     3 The Space-Jackers
     4 The Psychomorph
     5 The Time Fighters
     6 The Edge Of the Infinite

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