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Faulconbridge, New South Wales, Australia is famous for the bushwalks and the nearby home of Australian artist, Norman Lindsay.

Located 77 km from Sydney and 447 metres above sea level, Faulconbridge is justifiably famous as the home of Norman Lindsay and the burial site of the 'Father of Federation', Sir Henry Parkes.

The area around Faulconbridge was first explored by Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson in May 1813 while they were camped at Springwood and looking for the ridge which would take them over the mountains. It was settled in the 1870s after the railway line had opened up the whole of the mountains.

One of the earliest residents was Sir Henry Parkes who moved to the area in 1877 and purchased 600 acres. It is said that the original railway platform at Faulconbridge was specifically built to serve his residence which was known as Faulconbridge House.

Kethcikan, Alaska, United States: Alaska's First City.

Ketchikan is located within the Tongass Rainforest in Alaska's Inside Passage, and is known as the salmon capital of the world. During the summer months, our town bustles with visitors from all over the world during the 5 months of cruise ship season and over a half a dozen daily 737 jets.

Ketchikan has a population of 14,500 and is built along a steep hillside, with sections of the town built right over the water on pilings.  There are several large collections of native totem poles. Ketchikan's name supposedly comes from the native term "Katch Kanna", which roughly translates: "spread wings of a thundering eagle" and rightly named, for you only need to look along the water line and you're likely to see many bald eagles on waterside perches.

Susan & Bill (aka "The Twins")
join the Polar Bear Club at Barrow, Alaska in the Arctic Ocean

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